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Air transport

With a devoted and professional staff of operation and documentation, our company provides specialized shipping space reservation service even covering sea and air combination traffic, and swiftly coordinates with clients in every links of manufacture, transportation and gathering payments, so as to save precious time and logistics cost for the customer who will never worry about the deadline of shipping and handing over their cargo.

air transport;airfreight;airlift;air transportation,By plane or other aircraft carrier as a mode of transportation. Also called the air transport. General is more urgent need of the goods, the highway transportation can not meet the requirement of customers of prescription customers will choose air freight. Air freight by its fast, safe. The high efficiency on time earned quite a market, greatly reducing the delivery date, to logistics supply chain to speed up the fund turnover and circulation has greatly activation. Major airlines have put large cargo flights divide this cake. But the relative shipping costs more.

1.Air shipment service

1),advantage line: Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, South East Asia, Mid East, Europe, United States, etc...

2),international network of agents in more than 50 cities around the world.

3),offer door-to-door service for air shipments.

4),can arrange hazardous shipment by air.

2.Sea and air combination service

Air check in process

  • Check it

    The foreign trade company and industrial enterprise in the goods arrive, prepare received by the audit (l/c) or by modified correct, can check, namely in the credit and contract in the relative shipping terms, and goods name, number of packages, the date of shipment, destination and fill out the form of check and provide relevant documents, to the company for the flight as sinotrans basis.

  • Arrange the hold

    Sinotrans company received the documents and consignment, together with the civil aviation, according to the nature, the principle, the cargo freight quantity, destination and the situation on flights, such as shipping space arrangement, and then issued by the China civil aviation air waybill.

  • Loading, installed

    Sinotrans company, according to the foreign trade company for flight or industry &trade enterprise to warehouse the goods sent to the airport, extraction by loading documents will be sent to designated goods shipping space for shipment.

  • Issue waybill

    The goods by the China civil aviation installed, issued by air waybill, sinotrans company total issued by air, air waybill points have three copies of the original bills points, 12 a copy. Three copies of the original, first to consignor, second from left, the third of sinotrans company with the goods to the consignee counterparts. Copy of customs declaration, as twelve financial settlement, and foreign agents, transit distribution and other purposes.

  • A shipping advice

    The goods, can be installed to the purchaser a shipping advice, so that the other party prepare payment, for the documents, deal with the receiving.